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Welcome to Pack 921!

If you wish to join cub scouts, you may sign-up online through or text our Cubmaster, Jon Wonsettler @ 330-949-9881.

A little about our pack: We are one of the oldest packs in the area, with continuing operation since 1952. As of 2018, we are also one of the largest packs, with a range of 45-60 scouts, depending on the time of year. We have scouts in every rank. Most scouts attend Sauder Elementary School, however all four Jackson Elementary Schools are represented as well as home schoolers. 

Pack 921 offers monthly pack meetings year-round. Attendance is not required, however most scouts don't want to miss out on the fun. Once a year, the pack offers a pack campout at no cost to families. The pack is financially stable due to exceptional popcorn sales for the past several years. Due to the popcorn sales, the scouts have enjoyed some fun pack events at no extra cost to the scouts.  
Some examples of Past Pack events:
January - Pinewood Derby
February - Blue & Gold Banquet
March - McKinley Museum Camp-In
April - Bowling
May - Crossover (a potluck meal and celebration where the scouts crossover to their next rank)
June - Canoeing 
July - Swimming at Lake Cable
August - Pack Campout, Raingutter Regatta, and Ice Cream Social
September - Popcorn Sales Kick-Off
October - Halloween Carnival

Questions and Answers

What is a Pack? The Pack includes Kindergarten - 5th grade boys and girls.


What are the Ranks?
A scout will join the rank of their grade, regardless which year they join. Example: If they join cub scouts for the first time while in 2nd grade, then the scout will be a Wolf, and they will not be able to earn the Tiger rank. 

  • Lion Scouts - Kindergarden (an adult must attend all events with their scout)
  • Tiger Scouts - first grade (adult must attend all events during their Tiger year)
  • Wolf Scouts - second grade
  • Bear Scouts - third grade
  • Webelos Scouts - fourth & fifth graders. Webelos stands for We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.


What is a Den?  Each grade level is broken into Dens.  The number of Dens is determined by the number of scouts and parent volunteers.  There is typically one or two dens per grade level.  


Can my son be put into the same Den as a friend?  Yes, however they must be in the same grade level. Sometimes it is easier for the boys to have a friend in the Den in the beginning, but is not necessary.  Please mark it on the bottom of the registration form.  Some existing Dens with large numbers are unable to take more boys.  We will do our best to honor requests.


How do I get information about Pack 921?  Texte our Cubmaster Jon @ 330-949-9881



Where do I get a uniform?  You will go to the Buckeye Council National Scout Shop on the corner of 13th street and I-77 or online at  The website is  Phone number 330-580-4272 ext. 1.


How do I know what to buy at the store? 

·         1st ,2nd , & 3rd graders will need a blue shirt, red Pack numbers (921), a Buckeye Council Patch, Den number (your leader will contact you with the number), a purple World Crest patch, neckerchief, slide, belt & handbook. 

·         4th and 5th graders should purchase a tan shirt, blue shoulder loops, red numbers (921), a Buckeye Council Patch, Den number (your leader will contact you with the information), a purple World Crest patch, neckerchief, slide, belt, & handbook.  The tan shirt is also used in Boy Scouts.

·         The Cub Scout cap is optional.


When does he wear his uniform?  We ask the boys to wear their uniform to Den and Pack meetings and activities unless otherwise stated.    We sometimes have gently used uniform pieces available.


I want to volunteer, what does it take to run the Den?  The main part of running the Den is organization.  You will set up times, dates, and locations for the Den meetings.  A Den meeting is typically held two times a month for 1-1½ hours each.


If I do volunteer, How do I learn how to run a Den?  You will have the help of existing Den Leaders.  There are training classes that you will attend.  Some training is found online.  Some training classes are mandatory.  Some are optional. All Den Leaders are part of the Pack Committee.   


What if I was never a Scout as a child, may I still help?  Yes, no previous experience is needed.  You just need to have the desire to spend time with your son and his peers.    


How can we get the most out of Scouting?  Both you and your child will get the most out of Scouting by spending time together.   The more you are involved the more each of you will get out of Scouting. 


Tell Me About the Popcorn Fundraiser – This is our only fundraiser of the year. All boys are expected to participate.  Sales take place in October.  The funds from a good popcorn fundraiser will pay for all of our expenses: derby cars, swimming, bowling, camping, snacks at Pack Meetings, badges, awards, pins, t-shirts, etc.  More information about Popcorn Sales will be discussed at the Popcorn Kick-off in September.