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Cub Scout Pack 9
(Lumberton, Texas)
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Pack 9's Pinewood Derby will be held 
January 26, 2019 in Lumberton, TX @ Crestwood Baptist Church

BigThicket District Pinewood Derby Rules

DistrictRacer Specs:

  • Wear your Uniforms!! (Encouraged)

  • Have Fun

  • Bring good Sportsmanship

DistrictCar Specs:

  • Height: 6 ½” (This is to meet timer clearance. Check with you Pack Derby chair to make sure you will not have a clearance problem with your pack’s track.)

  • Width: 2 ¾”

  • Length: 7” suggested (Tires/Wheels cannot exceed the front of the car. No parts may extend past the starting pin)

  • Under Car Clearance 3/8”

  • Maximum weight 5.0 oz.

  • Under car clearance 3/8" min.

  • Minimum width between wheels 1-3/4"

  • Body / Shape: Scouts have fun!! Car may be of any style provided that it meets all specifications, makes good contact with the starting pin and does not extend past the starting pin. Extreme caution and care must be taken for "wish-bone", "Y", or "U" shaped cars. Wheels cannot extend past car body. Frontend of car—the most forward part of the car must be at least 5/8 inches wide.

  • Wheels: (please use BSA approved wheels. Run Honest) Only light sanding/polishing to wheels is allowed to remove minor imperfections or bumps. (Be careful not to overheat wheel, plastic will get tacky very easily.) Wheel diameter or width cannot be reduced. Tread cannot be rounded, pointed, tapered, angled, concaved, grooved, or modified in any way that changes the original shape, tire diameter, or tread width. Wheel tread must remain flat. "BSA" and "Pinewood Derby" lettering on side wall must be completely intact. No wheel covers or hub caps allowed. The long axles with the little black caps are not allowed. Wheels cannot extend past car body

  • Axles: (Please use BSA approved Axles. Run honest) Axles can be polished, filed, and purchased. There are many speed tips out there. Be careful not to weaken your axles to prevent failure on raced day. Please, no wet lubricants will be allowed. They can be harmful to track, to cars plastics, and it’s not allowed. Please make sure to use to Dry lubricants only. The long axles with the little black caps are not allowed

  • Ok, you have a plan and you are ready to build your car. Please make every effort to build an honest car. This race is about sportsmanship, friendly competition among packs, and our scouts and parents to play fairly. Please use proper BSA accessories and approved lubricants. Now it’s off to race day.