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Troop 60 employs the manpower of multiple volunteer adults serving in a wide array of leadership roles. Our leaders are fully trained, informed and involved.


Troop 60 follows the guidance, rules, policies and procedures published by the Boy Scouts of America. Many leaders have advanced training such as Wood Badge, Powder Horn and the National Camping School. In addition, some of our leaders serve in a variety of other capacities at the District/Chapter, Council/Lodge and Regional levels.

Adult Leaders

Scoutmaster - Mr. Joshua Lively (Eagle Scout)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Jeff Booth (EagleScout)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Colin Brown (Eagle Scout)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Eric Deters (Eagle Scout)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Bill Hempel

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Ken Hirschfield (Eagle Scout)

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Jon Lee

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Ed Silva

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mr. Matt Sobcyzk (Eagle Scout)



Chartered Organization Representative - Mr. Vern Shad (Eagle Scout)

Troop Committee Chair - Mr. Tim Schallehn

Treasurer - Mr. Ed Socyzk

Secretary - Mr. Gary Worsfold

Chaplain - vacant

Advancement Coordinator - Mrs. Sarah Lively

Equipment Coordinator - vacant

Friends of Scouting (FoS) Coordinator - vacant

Fundraising Coordinator - vacant

Membership Coordinator - vacant

New Member Coordinator - Mrs. Sarah Lively

Outdoor/Activities Coordinator - vacant

Training Coordinator - vacant

Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator - vacant

Eagle Scout Mentor/Liason - Mr. Dean Nilsen

O/A Liaison - Mr. Brad Sumter (Eagle Scout)

Merit Badge Counselors

Meeting people ranging from business and community leaders to trained specialists and enthusiastic hobbyists can provide a Scout with the opportunity for personal growth and a positive, life-altering experience while in pursuit of a merit badge.

The path to becoming a merit badge counselor (MBC) does require you to meet some qualifications and submit an application.


MBC qualifications include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Ability to work Scout-age youth
  • Registered with the BSA
  • Recognized as having the skill and education in the subject for which they are to serve as MBC
  • Approved for each specific merit badge
  • Trained in Youth Protection, the aims of Scouting, and advancement procedures.

For more information, please visit the Boy Scouts of America MBC Guide.

For a list of current Troop 60 MBCs, users must securely log-in to the Troop private site.

Wood Badge (Advanced Leader Training)

As the Scouting Movement exploded in popularity, Baden-Powell (BP) recognized the need for adult leader training. As an experienced Calvary leader, BP knew his men responded best to training when it was delivered to small groups; a technique that emerged as the foundation for Scouting...the "Patrol Method".   

Between 1910 and 1913, adult leader training had taken on many forms, but none of them were as effective as "hands on" training. In 1914 BP delivered another breakthrough idea, a correspondence course called "Scouting for Scoutmasters" which was printed and sent out with a new theme each month. This continued until World War 1 broke out.  

In 1919 as the War concluded, BP once again could turn his focus on Scouting for Boys and with it a goal to establish a designated campground to be used specifically as a training ground. On the outskirts of the Epping forest, W. de Bois Macaren purchased the Gilwell Estate and donated it to the Scouting Movement. In tribute to Maclaren's contribution, the Maclaren Tartan is the pattern worn by WEBELOS on their neckerchiefs, on the "working" neckerchief for Wood Badge participants, and a patch of the tartan remains on the Wood Badge graduation neckerchief.

Although final sale was not complete, by 1919 enough negotiations had taken place that BP obtained permission for camping events to take place at Gilwell and BP moved forward with a full-immersion program for adult scouters to live and embody the Scouting Principals so that they could in turn properly guide and instruct the youth in their charge. Graduates from the class were to receive something "special" from BP; a hand-carved bead taken from a necklace that BP took in victory from Zulu Chief Dinizulu during the Ashanti campaign in 1888. The graduation certificate was literally a "wood badge"; a wooden bead worn on a leather thong.

Today, Wood Badge stands out as the premier adult leader training for Scouters who take on the role of a patrol member for a full week of camping and Scout living in order to gain an understanding of local and world Scouting efforts and purposes and concludes with "working your ticket", a list of various action items to benefit Scouting. "Working your ticket" can take as long as (but not longer than) 18 months to complete.

The wearer of the Wood Badge knows they are a reminder that he/she SERVES THE BEADS; the beads do not serve the wearer. A graduate of Wood Badge knows that his/her role is not to "show off" the beads, but is charged with the solemn oath of living up to the Scouting ideals and legacy that the Wood Badge represents.

Troop 60 currently has four Wood Badge trained adult leaders--ASM Eric Deters (Eagle Scout), SM Joshua Lively (Eagle Scout), AC Sarah Lively, and CC Tim Schallehn. Each of them are honorary members of "Troop 1" of Gilwell and are assigned to one of the eight original "critter" patrols.

Hall of Scoutmasters

The Scoutmaster is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the troop. The Scoutmaster trains boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support.


“I had stipulated that the position of Scoutmaster was to be neither that of a school master nor of a commander Officer, but rather that of an elder brother among his boys, not detached or above them individually, able to inspire their efforts and to suggest new diversions when his finger on their pulse told him the attraction of any present craze was wearing off.” – Robert Baden-Powell, Lessons from the Varsity of Life, 1933

Thank you to ALL of our GREAT Scoutmasters over the years!

1913 – 1919             Mr. Gerald Collins

1920 1924             Rev. B. Johansen

1924 – 1926             Dr. O.H. Magaret

1927 – 1928             Mr. Gerald Collins

1929 – 1931             Mr. John Hall

1932                         Mr. M. Bloss

1933 – 1934             Mr. Donald Horn

1934                         Mr. John Frans

1935                         Mr. J. Livingston

1936 – 1937             Mr. Albert Friedi

1938 – 1939             Mr. Donald Hare

1940 – 1941             Mr. Albert Olsen

1942 – 1944             Mr. Ernest Ruff

1945                         Mr. Sawyer Kuhns

1946 – 1947             Mr. John Daup

1948                         Mr. Robert Corn

1949 – 1950             Mr. Dwayne Dietze

1951                         Mr. R. Hileman

1952 – 1954             Mr. Robert Bathke

1955                         Mr. Leroy Hoffauer

1956 – 1960             Mr. Earl McClure

1961                         Mr. Wayne Christensen

1962                         Mr. James Hubbard

1963 – 1964             Mr. Arne Johnson

1965 – 1969             Mr. Carl Barney

1970                         Mr. Vascue Brown

1971                         Mr. William DeWitt

1972                         Mr. Lester Bennett

1973 – 1977             Mr. Kenneth Peterson

1978 – 1979             Mr. Eldon Chambers

1980                         Mr. Robert Sullivan

1981                         Mr. Sam Dickey

1982 – 1983             Mr. John Person

1984 – 1985             Mr. Douglas Smith

1986 – 1987             Mr. William Muir

1987 – 1992             Mr. Donald Whiteley

1992 – 1995             Mr. William Webb

1995 – 1998             Mr. Richard Kreager

1998 – 2001             Mr. Thomas Rice

2001 – 2003             Mr. KeithHarnack

2003 – 2005             Mr. Scott Wachholtz

2005 – 2008             Mr. R. Craig Sykora

2008 – 2011             Mr. Stu Martin

2011 – 2018             Mr. R. Craig Sykora

2018 – Present         Dr. Joshua Lively