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Outdoor Activities

The outdoor experience is a vital part of Scouting and one of the methods of Scouting.  Nature is a classroom without walls that is ideal for teaching and learning Scouting and relationship skills.  The outdoor program enables Scouts to experience the greatness and inspiration of nature.


When Scouts walk the same trail, cook and eat together, they learn:

  • to respect each others' opinions
  • do their full share
  • and develop lasting friendships

The outdoor program gives young leaders opportunities to develop working teams and to face real leadership tests.

Themed Outings

As scouts work together in the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) to plan upcoming events, they are given one key instruction…"Make it FUN”!

Themed events take the monotony out of fundamental Scouting skills and presents them to the Scouts in ways that are fun and exciting. It may not be fun to tie a bandage at a Scout meeting, but it IS fun to tie a bandage after a confetti-filled "anti-personnel mine" explodes on your patrol as they hike unsuspectingly down a trail...into the "gauntlet".

Maybe it's a "little" fun to bandage a broken bone at a scoutmeeting, but it's a LOT of fun to rush to the aid of a mannequin who falls out of a 20ft high tree.

Boys like to be CHALLENGED. The more difficult something is, the more rewarding it feels when accomplished. Themed programs offer yet another way for the "game" of Scouting to be played with a heightened sense of adventure.

How creative can YOU be? Join us and let us know. We're always open to new ideas. Remember, this is YOUR “Make it FUN”!