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Using Scoutlander

“Communication is key.”  Communication is really important to being able to do what you want to do. Our Pack has started using a program called “Scoutlander” which has great potential for keeping the pack organized and informed.  However, it can only work if people know how to use it.  So here are the basics.

Our pack website is at This address gets you to the PUBLIC SITE, where you will find the publicly available pages about the pack and scouting, forms, as well as other things. There is a lot of useful information here, and all scout families should spend some time looking at these pages to learn about scouting.  Once you have an account, you can log in to see the Private Site from here.

To access our PRIVATE SITE, which contains information and photos only pack members can see, as well as the system for emailing, you need an invitation and a password.   Everyone returning should already have gotten the invitation.  New people will get it soon.  You will have 5 days to accept the invitation.  If you need a new invitation, email the site administrator using the contact our pack link at the top.  Please allow 36 hours for our administration to get back to you.  Once you have your username and password, you can look around.

Please take a look at the MyProfile section.  Clicking on the Edit Profile in the upper right corner will allow you to enter in information.  If your information is not current, please update it.  We use this information to contact you, keep rosters current, and many other administration tasks.  If a second parent needs adding (we recommend this), email the site administrator with the name and email address and ask for an invitation.

The Event Calendar is where we put events that interest you.  There are den, pack, and council events listed.  Please check back often as currently the system only email reminders out 48 hours in advance.  The leaders can and will email things out throughout year.  When you first enter the calendar, you are taken to the current month.  Using the options found at the top, you can move to any month you want.  If you click on an event, you are taken to that event that will allow you to view the Event Info, Date and Time.  You'll also find the RSVP date.  There is also a button for a Photo Album, to which you can upload and view photos of the event after it occurs, and download any photos you want.  If you take photos, please upload them for all of us to share.  Scrolling down you will find any Attachments related to the event.  

Of vital importance is the list of Scout Participants when an RSVP is required.  This allows us to keep track of who is attending events.  It also allow us to print out a roster to keep track of people who are not at the event and the leader in charge can make calls to see if you need more information.  Anyone who is invited is listed alphabetically.  If you click on the blue response, it will allow you to change the number of scouts, siblings, and adults attending.  It will also allow you to make notes for the event coordinator.  Be sure to click save.  

Using the Broadcast System allows you to send email to the whole pack, specific dens, or selected individuals.  Any parent can send email - scout purposes only please.  Please be aware that the Site Administrator gets a copy of all emails sent via the Broadcast System.

If you need more information about your den, or leaders, do an Adult Search or a Scout Search.  As long as that person has updated their profile, you will find home and cell phones and addresses.  (This is why its so important.