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Troop 360 Advancement Policy/Guidelines

Approved June, 4th, 2007
When a Scout feels that they have completed all the requirements qualifying them for a Scoutmaster's Conference or Board of Review (rank advancement) the following steps are to be followed:
  l.    The Scout will contact the Advancement Chairperson and request to have their advancement records verified to ensure that all requirements have been met and officially documented in the TroopMaster Records. This will require the Scout to provide their Boy Scout Handbook to the Advancement Chair.
  2.    Following verification by the Advancement Chairperson that all advancement requirements have been met, the Advancement Chairperson will then provide the Scout a printout from the TroopMaster database showing that all requirements have been met.
  3.    The Scout will then be responsible for contacting the Scoutmaster to arrange for a Scoutmaster Conference. Such contact by the Scout with the Scoutmaster to arrange for a Scoutmaster's Conference will occur prior to the date that the Scoutmaster's Conference actually occurs on.
  4.    The Scout will be responsible for providing to the Scoutmaster his Boy Scout Handbook and the printout that was given to him by the Advancement Chairperson at or prior to the Scoutmaster's Conference. Ifthe Scout shows up for the Scoutmaster's Conference without the printout the Scoutmaster's conference will not be held and will be rescheduled at a later date.
  5.    The Scout will at a minimum have on a Class A shirt with neckerchief at both the Scoutmaster's Conference and the Board ofReview. The Scout should also bring his Boy Scout Handbook to both the Scout Master Conference and the Board of Review.
  6.    The Scoutmaster's Conference should occur outside the regular troop meeting times. (The youth should be participating in the troop and/or patrol activities during the regular troop meeting time). Please keep in mind that the Boy Scouts ofAmerica does not allow any one-on-one activities between youth and leaders. This means that there must be at least one other leader oryouth in attendance. This should befactored in when trying to schedule a Scoutmaster's Conference.
  7.    Following a Scout's passing of a Scoutmaster's Conference, the Scout will take his signed scout book back to the Advancement Chairperson to arrange for a Board of Review.
  8.    Upon Completion ofthe Board of Review a member ofthe Board shall inform the Advancement Chairperson ofthe outcome ofthe Board's review. Ifthe Board has made the decision to award the Scout the rank advancement then the members of the Board need to sign the Advancement papers (Advancement papers will be supplied by the Advancement Chair Person) and the Scout's Boy Scout Handbook.
  9.    The awarding of the rank advancement (The Patch) will be done by the Advancement Chairperson as soon as possible following the completion ofthe Board's decision to award the rank advancement.
  10.   The Card showing the Rank Advancement will be awarded at the next Troop Court of Honor.