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Girl Scout Service Unit 660
(San Tan Valley, Florence, Coolidge, Arizona)
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Journey Planning Tables

Journey Planning Tables (Borrowed from Girl Scouts Heart of Central California)

Journey tables were created to assist you in planning activities on your journeys with girls. If you like this format, you may wish to use the blank tables as a planning tool by copying this table or making your own. You will use your Journey How to Guide to fill in the blanks.

Here is information about what you will find in each column of the completed tables on the website.

Session Activity: Each activity in each session has a name. In the Journey How to Guides, these are shown in a list at the beginning of each session and are in blue font within the session.

Icon: An icon is a symbol of the activity. Some people like to use icons as a visual reminder of the activity's theme or type of activity.

Description: This is a brief summary of the activity. You will find full details of each activity in the Journey How to Guides.

Girl Book Pages: This lists pages in the girls' Journey book that are referenced for the activity. Not all activities use the girl's book.

Estimated Time: This will vary depending on group size, etc. We suggest you make your own time estimate after reading the activity.

Materials Needed: A full list of materials needed is at the beginning of each session in the How to Guide.

Outcomes/Purpose: The session goal is found at the beginning of the session. For some activities, the Girl Scout Leadership Outcome(s) the activity is designed to accomplish can be found in the National Leadership Outcomes chart in the How to Guide.

Alternate or Supplemental Activities: These are ideas for other activities that are related to the session's activities. You and your girls will think of many ideas for ways to adapt activities and add related activities.

Possible Side Trips: These can include field trips, tours, speakers, work on badges and other awards, product program, crafts, service projects, camping, etc. Everything your girls want to do in addition to the Journey! Sometimes they will be related to the Journey, sometimes not.

Get Started

Click here for a blank form for your use.

See Examples

Click the links below to find examples of completed tables.

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Girl Scout Ambassador Justice Journey Tables

Girl Scout Ambassador Your Voice, Your World Journey Tables


Meeting Plans for GS Journey Books (these are from Girl Scouts of North East Texas)

Click on the images below to download the meeting plan guide.

  Series 1:
It's Your World — Change it!
Series 2:
It's Your Planet — Love it!
Series 3:
It's Your Story — Tell it!
Daisy Flower Garden Guide
Between Earth and Sky Guide
3 Cheers for Animals!
Brownie Quest Guide
WOW: Wonders of Water Guide
A World of Girls
Junior Agent of Change Guide
Junior Get Moving Guide
Cadette aMaze Guide
Cadette Breathe Guide
Senior Girltopia Guide
Senior Sow What Guide
Mission: Sisterhood!
Ambassador Power of Advocacy Guide
Ambassador Justice Guide
Bliss: Live It! Give It!