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Girl Scout Games


Games can be used many different ways in Girl Scouting—breaking the ice, developing teamwork, learning or reinforcing skills, building stamina, or just blowing off steam after sitting for too long. Here are some tips for game leaders:

Choosing Games

  • Be sure the games you select are right for the age, experience, and physical condition of the girls.
  • Start with familiar games that are quickly learned, and then move on to more complex games.
  • Avoid games that offend other people's beliefs or customs. Also avoid games that waste food or other resources.
  • Provide opportunities for girls to participate in a variety of games—such as get-acquainted games, nature games, action games, international games, relay games, singing games, and wide games (games where groups complete activities as they rotate between stations).
  • Use Girl Scout resource books for additional ideas on creating, teaching and organizing games.

Getting Ready     

  • Be interested and enthusiastic about the game yourself.
  • Know the game well before attempting to teach it. Identify the safety hazards, anticipate the difficulties, and adapt the game to the group and situation.
  • Devise a method(s) for organizing teams or formations quickly.
  • Know your playing area. Make sure to have a safe area and easily recognized boundaries.
  • Have the equipment together beforehand.

Get Set, Go!

  • Give the name of the game and some interesting facts about it to help motivate interest.
  • Explain the game briefly, giving the basic rules. If needed, demonstrate the game with a small group of girls.
  • After explanations, allow the group to get into the desired formation or team positions to start the activity.
  • Ask for questions before you start to play.
  • If you decide to change rules during the game, try only one change at a time. Allow the group to help suggest rules as well. You might say to the group, "Let's try playing the game this way."
  • Stop the game when the enthusiasm is still high. Don't let it drag on.
  • Arrange for total participation. Devise a plan for rotation. Minimize waiting and maximize playing time.

Eight Pointers for Game Leaders

  1. Establish a warm, positive atmosphere that's fun for everyone
  2. Encourage everyone to participate and do her best
  3. Be patient
  4. Be fair in your judgments
  5. Show respect for each girl
  6. Encourage fair play and safety at all times
  7. Be flexible and prepared to vary or change the game
  8. Emphasize cooperation and playing for fun rather than winning

Game Ideas found in attachments!

Icon File Name Comment  
Games_Galore.pdf Games Galore  

All of these resources came from Northern California Council.  Please check their website for most recent/updated Versions:

New Troop/Group Resources

Uniform Cost Worksheets & Insignia Placement

Jump to Journeys PatchJump to Journey Patch

The Jump to Journeys patch is designed to give you, as the leader/advisor of a troop/group, a taste of the activities offered in the journeys for the grade level you are working with.  By doing the activities and earning this patch with your troop/group you and the girls will have the information you need to decide which journey to dive into. When your troop/group finishes the requirements the patch is available for purchase in your local Girl Scouts of Northern California retail store.

Click here to download the Jump to Journeys patch requirements.

Click here for Daisy Taster Activities
Click here for Brownie Taster Activities
Click here for Junior Taster Activities
Click here for Cadette Taster Activities
Click here for Senior Taster Activities
Click here for Ambassador Taster Activities

New! Journeys Snapshots!

To make it easy for you and your troop make plans for journeys, we've developed some convenient Journeys Snapshots. Click here to take a look!

Journeys (Resources for using Journeys)

Click here for Lots of resources and videos 

Here are some snapshots of the  journeys to help you and your troop make plans. Click on the journey to download the snapshot. These are merely snapshots. Details on how to earn journey leadership awards are in the Adult How-To Guide for each journey.  
It's Your World - Change It series: 

It's Your Planet - Love It series:

It's Your Story - Tell It series:

GSUSA resources for using Journeys including the Journey Maps

Badge Activity Set Summaries

Journey Badge Activity Sets for Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors are available for purchase in your local Girl Scout shop.
Each Badge Activity Set consists of five badges that are linked to a specific journey. Each badge has five steps to earn it and within each step are three choices. The girls may choose one or they may do all three of them. That will depend on their interest and the time they have to complete the badge.  

It is not necessary to be working on a journey to earn one of these skill-building badges.
To help you and the girls in your troop make informed decisions about which Badge Activity Sets they would like to work on here are some summaries of each.   Click on the title, download, and print the summary.  

These are merely summaries.  To get details of how to earn each badge you must purchase the Badge Activity Set from your local Girl Scout Shop.

Girl Award Records

The following are records sheets your girls could use (younger girls with assistance) to update their records for the troop.  Use whichever system works best for you.  


General Resources 

Outdoor Resources 

 The pages marked with (TCC) are referred to in the Girl Scouts of Northern California Troop Camping Certification course.  Other resources listed were provided by our volunteer Learning Facilitators.   

Short and Snappy

Short and Snappys are designed as short little activities (usually 10-15 minutes in length) to do at service unit meetings, troop meetings or other gatherings.  They can be led by Learning Facilitators or any interested volunteer.

Adult Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Ambassador Addition - journey Scavenger Hunt
Brownie Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Building the Perfect Team - December 2012
Cadette Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Celebrate Diversity - January 2013
Celebrating Leader's Day - April 2011   Leader's Day Handout
Ceremonies - October 2011
Court of Awards - April 2013
Daisy Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Girl Scout Birthday Celebration Ideas - March, 2010
Girl Scout History and Traditions - March 2012
Girl Scout Songs - April 2012
Go Outside - May 2013
How to tell if your Troop/Group is Girl Led - October, 2009
Investiture and Rededication Ceremonies - October 2012
Journey Scavenger Hunt - October 2012 Download this page and one of the additions of the grade level you are working with.
Junior Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Kaper Charts - December 2012
Mindset - January 2013
Mindaset Cards for the Mindset Short and Snappy activitiy
Parent Interest Survey - September 2012
Partnering With Parents - September 2012
Progression in Girl Scouting - February 2013
Reasons to go Camping - March/April, 2009
Recognitions - March 2013
Rededication Ceremony Ideas - August, 2009
Safety Activity Checkpoints - March 2013
Self-confidence in Girls - Nov/Dec. 2011
Senior Addition - Journey Scavenger Hunt
Start the Girl Scout Year Off Right - September 2011
SWAPs May 2013
There is MORE to Girl Scout Cookies - February 2012
Take Action Projects - February 2011   Take Action Handout
Teambuilding - August/September 2008
Throw Your Troubles Away - April, 2010  Problem solving activity
Tis the Season to Simplify - Nov/Dec. 2011
Troop/Group Committee Positions Handout - S&S Partnering with Parents - Sept. 2012
Valuing Differences - May, 2010
Welcome to a New Girl Scout Year - August 2013
Who Does What? - Septmeber 2012
Who Does What Answer Key - September 2012
World Thinking Day - November 2012


Songs for Scouts  Choose your song, and then click on the word song to hear what it sounds like.      Have you heard the Girl Scout Daisy song?   The words and music to this  song can be found on page 75 of the How To Guide Girl Scout Daisies through "Welcome To The Daisy Flower Garden" journey. Volunteers are welcome to download the song for use with girls at meetings, camp or for any other private, non-commercial use.   Download an MP3 of this song (ZIP, 1.8MB)      More downloadable resources coming soon...