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Girl Scout Service Unit 660
(San Tan Valley, Florence, Coolidge, Arizona)
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Cookie Program for Girls and Families

The Girl Scout Cookie Program – Developing Service, Skills and Leadership
Everything girls do in Girl Scouting is designed to help them grow into leaders of Courage, Confidence, and Character. The 5 Skills girls learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program are an important ingredient in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. These are essential skills needed to successfully navigate life—whether working on a high-school science project team, running a household, being a project manager or a company CEO.

5 Skills in Action
Here are a few examples of how participating in the Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts skills that will help them grow into leaders in their own life, leaders in business, and leaders in the world:
  • GOAL SETTING: Your Girl Scout sets cookie sales goals individually and, with her team, creates a plan to reach them. She develops Cooperation and Team Building skills all along the way!
  • DECISION MAKING: Your Girl Scout helps decide how her team will spend their cookie money, furthering the Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills that will help her in many aspects of her life.
  • MONEY MANAGEMENT: Your Girl Scout takes cookie orders, handles customers’ money, and gains valuable and Practical Life Skills around financial literacy.
  • PEOPLE SKILLS: Your Girl Scout learns how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These experiences help her develop Healthy Relationship and Conflict Resolution skills that she can use throughout her life.
  • BUSINESS ETHICS: Your Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step of the cookie sale. Her business ethics reinforce the Positive Values she is developing as a Girl Scout.

Parents, Coach Your Girl Scout!
Earning While Learning: Activities and Program

Cookie Sales 2014

Cookie Program Resources
Welcome Volunteers!

Thank you for participating in this year’s Cookie Program. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the nation’s largest girl-run business, helps girls develop important leadership abilities, and you are integral to its success.

These resources will not only help you foster skills and service, but will also provide important logistical information to help manage the cookies process in your Service Unit or Troop.

This year, we have set a sales goal of 3.3 million packages, and have a new direct-sale or “Cookies Now!” process, proven by pilot councils to be simpler and more rewarding. If you have yet to read about this update, please do so, here.

Your encouragement, coaching, and guidance will be key ingredients of a successful experience for girls and volunteers. We truly appreciate all you do to help girls during Cookie Season and throughout the year!

Below you will find resources needed for the Cookie Program. If you have any questions, please contact the product program team:

Troop Resources
Service Unit Resources
Financial Information
Other Resources