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Eagle Scout Honor Roll

10 Things to Know About Eagle Scouts:

Being an Eagle Scout:

Value of Eagle:

What Are Some Benefits of Being an Eagle Scout:

There are 70 Eagle Scouts in the unit's history. Here is the list of the Eagle Honor Roll (which only 2.5% of all Scouts will earn) (hopefully your son(s) will make this list one day):

Lonnie Evans
Lee A. Evans
Joshua T. Rodriguez-1996
Aaron Evans
Art Campsey-1997 or 1998
Michael H. Stewart
Daniel Joubert
Christopher Loyd
Jon R. Thrall, Jr.
Walter L. Ball
Jared T. Boggs
Alexander R. Nicasio-2001
Adam B. Joubert
Aaron R. Davila
Brandon M. Berube
Nicholas W. Stewart-2002
Sean P. Bourg-2002
Steven A. Dayton-2003
Jared Hill
Eric Meurer
Eric Parr
Jason A. Alvarez
John J. Green-2004
David M. Kennick
Stephen M. Nicasio-2004
Benjamin N. Hill-2005
David J. Hill-2005
Jeff A. Romero-2005
Andy N. Mori
Stephen A. Moritz
Travis H. Ferrell-2006
Matthew E. Dunn-2007
Austin T. Ferrell-2007
Peter S. Lyman-2007
Matthew T. Martin
Alan B. Norwood-2007
William M. Nelson-2007
Scott L. Dayton-2008
James K. Howard-2008
Richard Shelton-2008
Kevin Needles
Christopher M. Ketay-2010
Alan B. Romero
Derrick Dunn
Carl D. Novan-2010
Ryan E. Staph-2011
Dale R. Stein III-2011
Joshua T. Davila-2012
Paul Jimenez-2012
Alex Ferrill-2013
Alejandro Urby-2013
Charlie E. Garcia-2013
Erik M. Martinez-2013
Blake J. Rasmussen-2013
Warren E. Eaton-2014
Jonathan A. Williams-2014
Zachary E. Brooke-2014
Corey W. Staph-2014
Harrison Walston-2014
John Parks-2014
Ryan Parks-2014
Matthew R. Krueger-2014
John Patten - 2015
Nathaniel Ferrill - 2015
Dominique Schoenfeld - 2015
Stephen Krueger - 2016
Justin Otake - 2016
Andrew Cook - 2017
Robert Crowe -2017
Anthony Hernandez - 2017
Mauricio A. Tristan - 2017

If I am missing anyone in this list, please send the webmaster an e-mail with your First Name, Middle Initial (if you have one) and Last Name; also the year when you made Eagle. Thank you and Congratulations!
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