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The Advancement Plan



¨  Advancement is one of the methods to achieve Scouting’s purposes.

¨  Advancement is the process by which a scout progresses from badge to badge.

¨  Advancement gives scouts a means of measuring their progress.

¨  Advancement provides a satisfying means of recognizing scouts for their progress.

¨  Advancement is not competition among scouts.

¨  Advancement is a family experience.



Cub Scout ranks are set up by grade and age, except for the Bobcat, which all scouts must earn.

BOBCAT - All Cub Scouts earn the Bobcat badge by learning the Cub Scout Oath, Cub Scout Law, handshake, salute, sign, motto, and meaning of “Webelos”. After receiving the Bobcat badge, the kids work on requirements based on their grade level. If a child joins Cub Scouting as a Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos Scout, they must earn the Bobcat badge before receiving any other award or rank.

TIGER CUB - The Tiger Cub Badge is for those children who have completed kindergarten (or are 7 years old). Tiger Cubs earn the Tiger Cub badge after completing six required adventures plus one elective adventure.

WOLF  - To earn the Wolf badge a Scout works to complete 5 required adventures plus one elective adventure. This rank is for scouts who have completed the first grade (or who are 8 years old).

BEAR - A Cub Scout, who is in the third grade, works to complete 6 adventures plus one elective adventure to earn the Bear badge. The Bear badge is for youth who have completed the second grade (or are 9 years old).

WEBELOS I and II - When a Cub Scout has completed the third grade, they then transfer to a Webelos den, led by an adult Webelos leader. The scout works on requirements for the Webelos badge, 27 activity badges, and the Arrow of Light Award (the highest award in Cub Scouting).  Camping and outdoor programs are an important part of the 18-month Webelos program. In February of a Webelos Scout fifth-grade year, the scout graduates from Cub Scouting into the adventures of Boy Scouting at an impressive graduation crossover ceremony. Every child deserves the opportunity to be a Boy Scout.

Other Cub Scout Awards

If you would like information on the other awards available to Cub Scouts, including Belt Loops, please click here