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Den Chiefs

Pack 727 Den Chief Regulations

The Den Chief is a Boy Scout leadership opportunity for boys at least 13 or higher.  These boys are from a nearby troop who, usually, has achieved at least the rank of First Class. He may work as a Den Chief while a First Class Scout but he needs to advance to Star Rank during his Den Chief assignment. The Den Chief is a trained leader who assists a Den Leader in the running of a Den.

It is the Den Chief's duty to assist the Cub Scouts in their den with the projects and activities of the Den. His duty also is to encourage, guide and protect them in all den and pack activities; and to show them by their example what a Boy Scout is. The Pack should be aware that although the Troop encourages Scouts to participate in the Den Chief program, it's not a requirement for the boys. It's an optional leadership opportunity

How does a Boy Scout become a Den Chief? The boy, not the parent, must present themselves initially to the Cubmaster with his intention and reasons to become a Den Chief.  They must have the approval of their Scoutmaster as well have gone thru or be willing to take the Den Chief Training within the next 3 months.  The Cubmaster will then invite the boy to the next committee meeting.   The Pack Committee will hear the boy’s presentation and vote to accept the boy as a Den Chief.  The commitment will be understood that the time limit must be for one full year of pack activities. Each boy assigned as a Den Chief must also attend Troop meetings on a regular basis.


Den Chiefs will then take the pledge:

The Den Chief Pledge

I promise to help the Cub Scouts in my den to the best of my ability; to encourage, guide, and protect them in all den and pack activities; and to show them by my example what a Boy Scout is.

I will strive to be prompt and dependable, and to cooperate with the leaders in carrying out the den program.  I will encourage any Cub Scout to become a Boy Scout.

The Den Chiefs will be assigned in the following order and general duties:

·         All den chiefs will work within each den for the total of 2-3 months.

·         There should only be one to two den chiefs per den.

·         They will then rotate to different dens at that time. 

·         If by chance we have less than 4 den chiefs, the committee and Cubmaster will change the previous requirements as needed.  It is strongly encouraged that Den Chiefs work with the older boys especially WEBELO scouts.

·         They are required to have at least 1 song and 1 game for each meeting. 

·         They should always work with the boys on the Cub Scout promise and motto until all the boys learn them.

·         They should always work with the WEBELO’s on the Boy Scout promise as well as the Boy Scout law until all the boys learn them.

·         They should have a phone number or e-mail so that the den leader can let them know what the den will be working on. 

·         Depending on the activity the den chief should come prepared to talk or present at least 5 minutes about that activity if needed by the den leader.

·         Den Chiefs should attend committee meetings.

·         Den Chiefs are encouraged to attend, but not required, to go to pack outings. 

·         A sign in sheet will be available every meeting for Den Chiefs to sign in. 

·         Every 2-3 months they should present themselves to the Cub Master to review their accomplishments.



Serving as a Den Chief fulfills Troop leadership service time as follows:

·         Star Rank - While a First Class Scout serve 4 months actively (Reqr. 5)

·         Life Rank - While a Star Scout serve 6 months actively (Reqr. 5)

·         Eagle Rank - While a Life Scout serve 6 months actively (Reqr. 4)

·         At training the scout receives a Den Chief Handbook and Trained Patch. The book is used to log the scout's time.  

·         The scout is presented with the Red, White & Blue Braid (Den Chief Service Award) when he fulfills his requirements. This award is also provided by the Pack and presented at a Troop Court of Honor.


The Den Chief Service Award

This award will be provided by the Pack and presented at a Troop Court on Honor or the final Pack Meeting. 

Summary of Requirements - Boy Scouts of America

·         Serve the pack faithfully for 1 full year.

·         Attend a den chief training (if available within year of service) OR be trained by the assistant Cubmaster or Den leader.

·         Know the purposes of Cub Scouting.

·         Help Cub Scouts achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.

·         Be the activities assistant in den meetings.

·         Set a good example by attitude and uniform.

·         Be a friend to the boys in the den.

·         Take part in weekly meetings.

·         Assist the den at the monthly pack program. Know the importance of the monthly theme.

·         Meet as needed with the adult members of the den, pack or troop. Complete FOUR of these projects:

·         Serve as a staff member of a Cub Scout special event, such as a Scouting show, bicycle rodeo, etc.

·         Serve as a staff member of a Cub Scout Day camp or resident camp.

·         Advance one Boy Scout rank.

·         Assist in recruiting three new Cub Scouts.

·         Assist three Webelos Scouts to join a troop.

·         Help to plan and carry out a joint pack-troop activity.

·         Recommend to your Scoutmaster another Boy Scout to be a den chief.

Cub Scout Patrols and Denners for Webelo II

Cub Scout Patrols and Denners for Webelo II


Patrols - a patrol is just another name for the den but it does have some significance. Boy Scouts are organized into Patrols, each with their own name, flag, yell, leader, and emblem. As Webelos, a den can begin to operate as a patrol and select an emblem for their uniform, make up a yell, name, and flag. This can really get the scouts to become a team. Taking their flag along on a campout or hike and announcing themselves with their yell is pretty fun.

Pack 727 patrols: At the Cub masters discretion, Webelo II boys will be broken into patrols of 5-7 boys each depending on the number of Webelo II’s.


Pack 727 Denner: The Cub Scout Denner is a role that is intended to teach leadership skills. At the Cub masters discretion, a temporary patrol leader (a denner) and an assistant patrol leader should be picked by the den to serve for the next month. Each month, a new assistant patrol leader should be elected so each scout has the opportunity to practice his leadership skills.  A new assistant denner cannot be chosen again until all boys have had a chance to lead.  The Denner should meet with the leader to explain how to assist in running a meeting and giving him encouragement to lead his friends.

Tip: A great time to start working as a patrol is when everyone in the den earns their Webelos rank. Have a den meeting with the goal of becoming a patrol - choosing a name, selecting an emblem, coming up with a yell, and designing a flag.

The Denner will have the following duties: (Lead means to also lead by example)

·         Help with den meeting setup. Lead their patrol in setting up the chairs and tables.

·         Lead the opening ceremony in the scout oath/promise, prayer, or scout law.

·         Select another Webelo to do the scout oath/promise, prayer, or scout law that was not done by the Denner.

·         Take the Patrol Attendance.

·         Set a good example for scouting behavior.

·         Inform other scouts of what they should be doing and where they should be going.

·         Lead there patrol in with den meeting cleanup.

·         Help with other responsibilities as assigned by the Den Leader or Den Chief.


Optional: The denner and assistant can each wear the yellow chord on their left shoulder showing there temporary rank.